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Grill Scrub
20 Point Check List

 1. Light grill and inspect grill for performance, rust and/or other  damage. Shut down grill.
 2. Remove and clean cooking grates.
 3. Remove and clean flavorizer bars (if applicable).
 4. Remove and wipe briquettes or ceramic plates (if applicable).
 5. Disassemble and remove grill burners. Unclog all burner  jets,  and thoroughly clean.
 6. Scrape off grease, soot, and food build-up from cook box.
 7. Remove and clean drip pan and drip pan holder.
 8. Inspect ignition system (change battery, if applicable).
 9. Scrape inside of hood to remove loose debris.
10. Clean and polish outside of hood.
11. Remove and clean control knobs.
12. Remove and clean face plate.
13. Remove and clean work tables (if applicable).
14. Remove and clean side burner(s) (if applicable).
15. Clean and polish grill frame.
16. Clean and polish inside of cabinets (if applicable).
17. Inspect wheels (if applicable).
18. Re-assemble grill.
19. Check regulator, hose assembly, and valves for leaks.
20. Clean cover (if applicable).

*The final outcome of each Firefly Grill Scrub is subject to the age and overall condition of the grill. We will use every effort to remove all grease, debris, and discoloration; however, normal use will cause certain parts and surfaces to become discolored, stained and/or worn.

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Firefly Grill Scrub


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